Upul & Kaushalya, Private Session at Home Coming

It was a place by the side of a river mouth where the river and the sea meet each other. We were able to see the Kaluthara Bodiya in the view. The other side of the river we were waiting for a couple, Upul and Kaushalya to do a private photo session just before their home coming ceremony at Hotel Panorama.

It’s 7 O clock and Upul and his lovely wife reached the place by spending 1.5 hours from Ratnapura to Kalutara and the journey should take at least 70kmph speed. But they did 🙂

I said its 7 O clock but the sunlight was still soft and supported us for the shoot out of the hotel premises. Rather than the wedding day, what we noticed specifically is, the couple looked so much calm and relax at the place. It’s true on the wedding day they are with a lot of pressure since they have to take care of everything, but the 2nd day, home coming day is a better time for a lovely photo-shoot.

Here it is. Click on the “more” link to see the rest. Cheers!


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