Wedding of Upul and Kaushalya

Upul and Kaushalya, their wedding was a very recent and successful photo journalism type of wedding photography done by us. Bride and groom were dressed in traditional Sri Lankan costume.

Since this is traditional costume, we have no chance in modern fashionable photography, so that we decided to do a pre-wedding shoot inPalmadulla “Ganegama Temple”. I have requested the bride and groom at 6 O clock in the morning, but unfortunately their auspicious times were not come up with our schedule, instead we started out photo session at 8.30 am. The shoot was so hurry since they have to meet other auspicious, but with a big effort out team succeeded with a photo journalism type of wedding shoot.

Here it is for your taste.

click on the “Read More” Link to see the rest of images.



3 thoughts on “Wedding of Upul and Kaushalya

  1. Terrific wedding photography Kushan! The documentation is complete and the wedding photojournalism is sublime. What a great temple and such a delightful couple.
    Clearly you’re the most sought after wedding photographer in Sri Lanka.

  2. Terrific documentation photography of this delightful couple. Your wedding photojournalism in Sri Lanka is magnificent. Bravo Kushan!

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